Interface Solutions

Mediyaan Medical Supplies has an extensive and rich background building interfaces for hospitals systems, laboratories and medical practices on every scale .
A HIPAA-compliant interface has its own unique challenges. With greater convenience and improved access come increased risk. Because of the sharing of sensitive patient health information (PHI), it is essential that interfaces remain highly secure–that only those with the correct authorization may view data. Only a development company that understands the unique demands of the healthcare industry should be given the task of creating the platform for passing such data.

Our LIS is designed to meet all your information management objectives, at affordable cost. Our LIS is the system help you to:

  • Manage complex processes.
  • Define a software based and role-based workflow within the lab.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance within the lab.
  • Provide information to the users, at the right time and in the right format.
  • Enhance the credibility of testing practices and data quality to customers and regulatory authorities, and accelerate the validation process.
  • Achieves direct savings by reducing repetitive work and stationary requirements.