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Medical Distribution

Our company sets itself apart from its counterparts through customer service and a proactive approach towards the market. Mediyaan Medical Supplies LLC is dedicated to providing state of the art medical equipment and assisting customers in making the best choices in medical technology.

The Distribution network covers Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Diagnostic Centers, Universities and Food Manufacturing Units in all the United Arab Emirates. Equipped with a fully trained team ranging from Product Specialists, Bio-Medical Engineers, Application Specialists and highly qualified support staff. Mediyaan Medical Supplies provides the finest customer support through ensuring smooth and efficient operations. We have separate teams for sales, service, admin and highly proficient logistics support.

Biomedical Engineering Services

Our team of highly professional Biomedical Engineers and Technicians are available 24/7 to service your medical and Laboratory equipment to Hospitals, Medical Centers, Surgery Centers, IVF Clinics, Physical Therapy, Medical and Biotech Laboratories and Medical Device Manufacturing facilities at your convenience

Interface Solutions

Mediyaan Medical Supplies has an extensive and rich background building interfaces for hospitals systems, laboratories and medical practices on every scale .
A HIPAA-compliant interface has its own unique challenges. With greater convenience and improved access come increased risk. Because of the sharing of sensitive patient health information (PHI), it is essential that interfaces remain highly secure–that only those with the correct authorization may view data. Only a development company that understands the unique demands of the healthcare industry should be given the task of creating the platform for passing such data.